Saturday, May 7, 2011

equestrian love

In honor of the Kentucky Derby I thought I'd share some great horse accessories! We live in an area known for horses so it's even more appropriate in my own home!

First up are these amazing bags! I know, not really home decor but they are stunning! I think I might need one for my fall bag this year! You can get them in a variety of colors and even can pick from three different images! Seriously cool. Check them out here.

The next two are from PB. I love them both! I think I'm going to need to order the hook!

Love this horse pillow from Etsy. Maybe because it has the same image as the bag above?

How cute is this wooden sign? And of course that it's whitewashed.. another Etsy find.

And no home would be complete without a lucky horseshoe.. I happen to have one over my own front door! Love this silver one from my friend Mary's shop on Etsy. Urbanfarmgirlandco

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  1. Adore the horse hooks, I have just the place for the first one, too fun! Janell