Sunday, May 30, 2010

the pool house

Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday weekend. I'm enjoying a lazy day by the pool today so I thought I'd post a few gorgeous pictures of pool houses. I love the idea of having a place next to the pool to change, get a snack and even just sit around on a summer evening.

Friday, May 28, 2010

friday finds: Wilmington, NC

For this week's Friday finds we're heading to the coast of North Carolina to Wilmington... an adorable coastal town whose beaches will be filled with sunbathers this holiday weekend.  

First up is this vintage rocker. Perfect for an extra bedroom or nursery. I painted one of my own last year and it gave it a whole new life. A great deal for only $30!

This cabinet needs some work. But what do I find that doesn't? The first thing I'd do is paint over that bright blue color. Something more muted would work wonders. Maybe a beachy blue green? You could really spruce it up by adding a wooden applique on the front and changing out the handle. It could be your next project for only $50!

I absolutely love this adorable kids table and chairs. I've been looking for one of these myself! I would love to paint the top of the table with chalkboard paint. Seriously a great deal at $50 for the set.

This coffee table has some serious potential. I love the Queen Anne legs and the curved details. I would not be able to pass it up for only $15.

This bookshelf would be a super easy project with dramatic results. It would be perfect as a vintage inspired bar or even just extra storage. A little paint would go a long way and give this piece some serious style. And at only $35 who could pass it up?

I just adore this old  corner cabinet. It's the priciest item this week at $150 but it is an amazing find. With a little paint this will look like a built in cabinet in any room of your house. I just love them in a dining room. It can add some old school character to any home.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

animal prints

A reader recently asked me for ideas on how to work in some animal prints into her home without it looking too cheesy, or overpowering. This really got me thinking. It's so easy to over do something like an animal print. And what if you change your mind down the road? I think the easiest way to add some personality to a space is through the accessories you use. Using an animal print is a perfect example of this! By using accessories you don't need so spend a ton of money and if you change your mind you won't feel guilty!

I love this look of adding just a touch of animal prints in a bathroom.. Just by using towels or other bath linens you can achieve your look without the space looking childish.

This is a more subtle option for some bedding.. The animal print is in the weave of the blanket rather than the print.

One of my favorite looks is with the use of an area rug. It adds just the touch you're looking for and is an inexpensive option. Here are a few of my favorites.

The easiest way to change the look of any room is to use throw pillows. I constantly change mine. And if you can make them yourself, you can cover ones you already have by just purchasing some fabric!

Now, if you're looking for a more permanent option you can go with something like this wallpaper from Ballard Designs. I think it would be most appropriately used as an accent rather than a whole room.

Some other easy accents include tablecloths, trays, lamp shades and seat cushions...

Lastly, if you're looking for another bold option why not go with a piece of accent furniture in an animal print? You can always reupholster something you already have or something found at a flea market or antique store to save a ton of money.

Do you have a design question you want answered? Just send me an email and I'd be happy to help with any project or idea you have!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

outdoor chandeliers

As you may know, my summer project this year is working on our deck and patio.  There is so much potential there that they are just not living up to! We will be working all weekend power washing and preping everything for a protective stain so now I'm just trying to finalize my plans.

I'm hunting for a great chandelier to hang under the deck to make our patio more of an outdoor lounge. This will also include the outdoor rug and curtains! Funny how I'm all about the decorative details and haven't even thought about furniture yet!

Here are some inspirational pictures I've found of spaces using chandeliers outside. I'd love to hear if anyone has done this or any thoughts at all! Enjoy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

skeleton key project

For the past few months I've been collecting old skeleton keys. I just love the vintage look of them. When I saw these from Pottery Barn I knew exactly what I could do with them..

Last summer I picked up this PB shadow box frame at a yard sale for $3.

Here are a bunch of keys I've collected. I found a few at Hobby Lobby too!

I arranged them in the shadow box and then used a little hot glue to secure them... Here it is! I plan on hanging it with some family pictures I'm framing for a little photo wall over my stairs.