Friday, July 30, 2010

friday finds: Mobile

This week we're seeing what we can find in Mobile, Alabama! Lots of great finds here!

First up is this adorable coffee table. I just love the curved details on it. And it is such a great deal at only $20! A little white paint and it would be the perfect cottage coffee table!

I think this mantle is my favorite find of the week. I would love to add one of these to my master bedroom. And what a fabulous find for only $125!

How cute is this end table? I love the details! It almost looks like crown molding. Love it, especially for $45.

This side table is seriously cute. And so is the $20 price tag! A little paint and a glass knob and it would be perfect!

I just love this vintage chair! At only$40 you could just use a little paint and new fabric and it would be fantastic! What a fantastic find.

Some great finds this week! If you'd like to have your area featured on an upcoming Friday Finds please leave a comment or send me an email! Hope you all have a fab weekend!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

equestrian love

I have been obsessed with horses recently. It all started back last year when I fell head over heels for this horse art from PB. You may remember that I made my own version of it. From the looks of it, I'm not the only one who likes a little equestrian look in their home....

I ordered this adorable carved horse from JCPenney and it's back ordered until September!

This beauty is in the Southern Living Idea House..

How chic is this horse in an otherwise modern looking room?

I love the size of this one!

So classy in this all white living room...

This one has the same rustic look of the PB one!

Love, love, love this wall hook from Pottery Barn!

Or this figure from Ballard!

I cannot wait to for mine to arrive!

Monday, July 26, 2010

busy weekend...

No pictures just yet but I had a busy weekend working on a bunch of projects on the home front! Mr O' is getting very anxious due to the number of half completed projects around the house.

I made major progress on the stair project. You may remember me starting this months ago.. Well after staining the treads I decided I wanted something darker and decided do paint them black. So now I'm just finishing up painting the trim and risers a bright white to contrast the black paint.

I also started painting my kitchen island this week.. and the powder room cabinets. I planned on doing them black too so I figured I might as well get to it while everything was already out.

I managed to fit in a little creative painting too! I am on a roll with making some more vintage inspired signs that I hope to share later this week.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Friday, July 23, 2010

friday finds: Cleveland

This week we're checking out what Cleveland has to offer. I found some pretty good finds on Cleveland's Craigslist! 

First up is this vintage vanity!  It's in great shape already so it only needs a little paint to give it that shabby chic feel. And you can't beat the $80 asking price!

You can never have enough mirrors! And this stunning mirror  is only $25! It has a classic style that could be painted and used anywhere. It would look great over a fireplace or even in a bathroom!

You all know how much I love secretary  desks. This beauty is a great find, especially for only $75! I think I'd paint it a very pale gray and heavily distress it for less of a traditional look. 

I just adore this little desk.  I cannot believe they are only asking $25 for it! I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat. Imagine it painted in a gorgeous robin's egg blue with some glass knobs! Stunning I tell you. 

I love these solid wood toy boxes. They area always great in a bedroom to store extra pillows and linens or of course for toys. And for only $10 it really is a steal. 

If you'd like to have your local area featured on an upcoming friday finds please leave a comment or send me an email! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Stay cool!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

another topiary

You may remember this easy diy topiary project from a few months back. My aunt gave me this little floral arrangement recently and I knew it would be perfect for another topiary! I wanted to try a different shape for this one so I chose a cone foam form.

I started by taking all the flowers out of the base. I then spray painted it with a textured spray paint to give it more of a stone feel.

Here it is after the spray paint...

I then used hot glue to attach some moss to the cone. I also used a basic wooden dowel as the "trunk." I cut it to the size I was looking for and then glued it into the foam base. I covered the foam with some extra moss and then glued the cone to the dowel. Super easy project!

Before the base was covered... and yes, I was watching the Bachelorette while working on this one...

Here's the final project. So cute!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last summer I found this vintage Louis Vuitton Steamer trunk on my local craigslist and I jumped on the chance to own one of my very own. For years I have been wanting a vintage Louis trunk! So when this one popped up I  drove straight from work to pick it up. But I have yet to find the perfect spot in my house for it. 

Yesterday I decided to move it into my entry area to replace the console table that was there. Here is the new look. I am still playing around with some of the accessories but I think I really like where it's going. What do you think? Do you have one item you're always searching for?

Monday, July 19, 2010

a little white..

to start of the week.....