Tuesday, June 28, 2011

beach cruiser

Ever since we were in Hilton Head I've been dreaming of the perfect beach cruiser... I need to find one to ride at home. I'm loving the beachy look and need a cute basket for the front!

All pictures found on Pinterest.


  1. Love your blog, Jan! :)

  2. ll of the gears are contained inside the rear hub, making shifting smooth and easyHermosa Beach.
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  3. I just happen to have the pink one you posted here! I love it! and the great thing is with mine at least, it's ergonomic. I have a bad back and the beach combers are more comfy to ride than a standard road bike

  4. Adding to the beauty and detial of the dreamcycle,the brown saddle and grips are embossed whith hiniscus graphics,giving it a fun and elegant touch Comfort Bikes.
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  5. Beach cruiser prices have escalated to an outrageous price these last few years and together the founders realized there had to be a way to make things more affordable.

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