Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank you so much for all your comments, emails, and messages! We are so thrilled! I am starting to look at all this baby stuff we will need and it's overwhelming to say the least. So, I'd love to hear what your must haves are. And what did you register for that you never used? I'd love to hear all your ideas and opinions! Here are a few favorites I've found so far...


  1. Hmm...I can def. weigh in on this as I'm about to deliver our 2nd any day now. :)

    Must have:
    1) Boppy - hands down, amazing for breastfeeding.
    2) A car seat/ stroller set...we have a Combi set and it's super nice to be able to "click" the infant seat onto the stroller without having to disturb baby.
    3) Fisher Price "whale of a tub". The tub you have pictured above my mom has at her house and it's not good at all. The whale tub seems much comfier and fits a greater range of ages.
    4) Bibs with velcro closure. With snaps and ties they pull at the bib and choke themselves. At least, our stubborn child did. :)
    5) Hooter-hider brand nursing cover.
    6) A smooth material diaper bag. Mine is patent leather by Timi & Leslie...it looks brand new after 2 years of constant use.
    7) Alcohol free baby wipes. Lansinoh brand at target is the only ones we'll use after trying many, many so-called alcohol free ones by pampers, etc.
    8) Baby monitor that is also a camera so you can see baby without having to get out of bed.
    9) Cozy Wedge brand crib bumper. They're MUCH safer than those darn puffy ones that come in sets, but still keep baby from whacking their head on the sides.

    And as for things we have, but found pretty useless:
    1) Wipes warmer (our's broke after 3 days and it didn't seem to make any difference).
    2) Pacifiers...we tried all different kinds, but some babies would just rather have...mom.
    3) Open bottom sleeping gowns. They always seemed to get wrapped around the baby and annoy them.
    4) Special laundry soaps or stain removers. The same Tide free and Shout spray I use on our clothes work the best for baby clothes too.
    5) Baby powder. Don't use on girls...they are doing research that it can give them female cancers in the long run.

    Ok, I think I've given more than my 2 cents. :) Hope it helps!

  2. I have/just ordered a few of the things you have in this collage above. I'll let you know how they work! Check out the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags. Rob can't wait for the mamaRoo swing/bouncer to come in! We have a few different Sophie the giraffe things. I also have the green bumbo and the blue spot boppy. I've been obsessed with strollers for like 10 years lol so for me it was just a matter of finding one that wasn't $1000. I got the Quinny Zapp Xtra with the Maxi Cosi Mico car seat.