Sunday, March 11, 2012

he's here!

Cameron Reed

March 1st 2012
6.1 lbs
19.75 inches

We're all doing great! I'll be back to posting more regularly once we get into a normal routine. 


  1. he is so perfectly beautiful and precious. What a joy to all of us!! keep posting photos. Hope he is sleeping okay for you and Dan....will chat soon...A Rita

  2. Absolutely the most beautiful baby ever born.

  3. Aw!!! Congratulations, Jan!!! He is precious, like seriously handsome for a baby:) Love this shot with the texture of the basket and the colorful patterns. There's nothing quite like those first few weeks with a newborn, hope you are enjoying then...and getting some sleep!

  4. Hi Jan - Such a cute little picture! - btw - its Amy :) Hope you are well!

  5. That is a great picture of Cameron. 6 pounds is a healthy weight for a baby of his age. Hope your enjoying him.