Wednesday, August 29, 2012

wordless wednesday: fall mantles



Wednesday, August 8, 2012

3 months

Everyone told me when we were getting ready to move that it would take 3 months for our new house (and city) to actually feel like home. I have to admit, they were completely right. Last week we celebrated the 3 month mark and Cameron turned 5 months. We've done a lot since moving 800 miles from home with an 8 week old.

I've finally done some painting to make the house a little more like ours. First up was our bedroom. I promise to be back with pictures in the next couple days. After the cleaning lady comes.

Next up is Cameron's room. I decided to use some nautical decor in his room after seeing these pictures online..

I've been collecting some pieces over the past couple weeks that will really make it look great. I can't wait to get it all pulled together for him.

Since I last posted we have been to Hilton Head, Charleston, Philadelphia and Pawley's Island! Cameron has proved to be just like his mom and loves the pool and the beach. He's also started eating fruit! In baby food form of course. Apples and pears are favorites.  And just this week his first tooth poked through! Here he is wearing a souvenir tee shirt from The World of Coke!

Gotta run... someone needs a nap. I'll be back soon!

Monday, June 4, 2012

favorites 0-3 months

Recently, pregnant friends have asked me what some of my favorite baby things have been. Cameron turned three months on Friday so I thought this would be the perfect time to share some favorites!

1. aden + anais Swaddle Blankets - Seriously love these. Eventually Cam was able to get out of them but that took months. I have four, but could have used more in the first few weeks. I felt like I was constantly washing them! They are made out of this super soft muslin so they are great year round! Target and Babies R Us just started carrying them too so you can find them everywhere.

2. A bouncy seat - This was not on my original registry because I had the momaroo. However, I needed something light that I could move around easily while the baby was in it. After a few weeks I realized this was exactly what I needed to get things done. (like shower) Doesn't need to be anything fancy, just light.

3. Gap nursing tanks - I can't explain how much I lived in these the last month of my pregnancy and the month after Cameron was born. I did get them a little big so I could wear them whilte I was pregnant. They are longer than the average tank which I loved. I felt totally comfortable in them, which was rare. They are only available on

4. A stroller - I have the one pictured above which is Bumbleride's Indie. I wanted a good jogger that I could use all the time. Strollers take up enough room, I didn't need to worry about multiple. This one does have an adaptor so you can attach a carseat extremely easily. The first few weeks I was able to get out of my house to walk around the neighborhood and get some much needed fresh air. Now we use it everyday! Here is more info on the Bumbleride.

5. Angelare Monitor - I am so happy with this baby monitor. It has a pad that is placed under the mattress in baby's crib or bassinet. The pad will set off an alarm on the monitor if it does not detect movement (ie breathing) I know for us, as first time parents, we were always checking to make sure he was still breathin. Even when we were in the same room! It gives us a little more security that he's safe. Especially now that he sleeps in his own room!

6. Gripe Water - Available at grocery stores, target, drug stores etc. If baby has hiccups this is a lifesaver. Cam would get them all the time and this would do the trick. And it's natural which I appreciate.

7. Humidifier - Clears up  stuffy nose overnight, literally. We do have this cow one, obviously not necessary. But a cool mist humidifier is really helpful with little ones. We used this everynight for a couple weeks in the first couple months Cam was around. Comes in various other animals too.

8. Activity mat - I have this Boppy "Garden Patch" one pictured. Cam started using it within days of coming home from the hospital. This one is great because it comes with a little Boppy pillow they can use during "tummy time." It could really keep him entertained for hours.

9. Bath Thermometer - This one's name is Clever Trever. He's adorable. But in all seriousness I have no clue how hot the water is when filling up the baby bathtub. So this makes it fool proof. It has a slow beep if the water is too cold and a faster beep if it's too warm.

10. A & D - Have you seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?" This is my Windex. It seriously has so many uses. When we got home from the hospital Cam and I both used it. I won't go into too much detail here but you get the idea. Now I always have it around if I get a cut or the baby has diaper rash etc. Seriously good for everything.

Do you have any favorite things your kids loved? Especially after 3 months! I'd love to hear about them!

Friday, June 1, 2012

king sized makeover

Right before we moved I squeezed one last furniture makeover in. I didn't need another piece of furniture on the moving truck after all!

A friend gave me this king size headboard a while back and it just sat in my garage waiting for a makeover. The finish was in desperate need of a paint job. Pardon the pics, they were taken on my iPhone.

A few coats of Glidden's Black Onyx and it looks amazing! I seriously loved this after it was painted. If I had a king bed I would have kept it for myself. Oh well.. I hope the new owners enjoy it!