Monday, September 7, 2009

a little inspiration

No, I'm not expecting. Let's get that out of the way... But it seem like I'm at the time in my life when everyone around me is. With a best friend having a baby this week and news of two on the way I thought it was time to look for some cute nursery ideas. I haven't thought about a kids or baby's room before so it was a challenge to come up with some cute looks. Below are inspiration boards I designed for a boy or girl along with some inpirational pics I found on my search. Enjoy!

Super cute gender neutral rooms...

Love the stripes on this one...

I love anything damask! This wallpaper is gorgeous!

I adore the vintage feel of this one.

Love the round crib in this little guy's room.

I think this is my personal favorite for a boy's room. I just love the dark vintage looking furniture. And that they repurposed the sideboard!

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