Tuesday, February 7, 2012

where do the days go?

The days are just flying by right now... good thing since I'm 35 weeks pregnant! Although it's mostly because our house is on the market! It went up on Feb 1st and the showings are starting to come through! Fingers crossed.

A few weeks ago we finished up a project that had been hanging over our heads for literally months. Framing the bathroom mirror. Last year I won a Moen Mirrorscapes kit from my friend Roeshel over at The DIY Showoff! It was on my list of things to do before the end of 2011 and I got it done with days to spare!

Let me show you the before pic... just plain standard builder mirror. Boring.

And the after... really wish I did this earlier so I could enjoy it!

I chose the Mirrorscapes 3000 series in Antique Nickel. Here's a close up from the Moen site:

Thanks again to Moen and The DIY Showoff for sending this great product my way!

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  1. Love the frame! I hope it's not too expensive bc that's exactly what I've been meaning to do with my builder mirror. Thanks for the link!