Tuesday, May 25, 2010

outdoor chandeliers

As you may know, my summer project this year is working on our deck and patio.  There is so much potential there that they are just not living up to! We will be working all weekend power washing and preping everything for a protective stain so now I'm just trying to finalize my plans.

I'm hunting for a great chandelier to hang under the deck to make our patio more of an outdoor lounge. This will also include the outdoor rug and curtains! Funny how I'm all about the decorative details and haven't even thought about furniture yet!

Here are some inspirational pictures I've found of spaces using chandeliers outside. I'd love to hear if anyone has done this or any thoughts at all! Enjoy!


  1. I could happily lounge in any of those spaces. Those are my thoughts. Not helpful, I know ;)

  2. I got a great basic chandelier at a Barn Sale for .50 cents! (There's a pic of it on my blog) I'm going to spray it a teal color, add some bling and use pillar candles in it. Look around at garage sales, barn sales, junk/antique stores. There are ton to be found! FUN!

  3. I am freaking at these gorgeous pictures! I have saved just about everyone of them in my "folder". You have a great eye...