Monday, May 3, 2010

9 by design

Have you seen this show? It's new on Bravo and I think I'm hooked. I caught the first few episodes last week and it's quite interesting. It's about Robert and Cortney Novogratz and their design company. They flip houses in New York City and bring along their 7 kids. That's right, 7 kids. The best part is that they live in the houses! So they'll move about three times a year!

Their designs are very eclectic and not necessarily my own style but they do shop at a ton of vintage and antique shops. Which I love! Here are a few pictures from the house they're currently living in...

Love the queen in the master bath!

These dining chairs are amazing...

Two of the girls have the most amazing vintage beds..

The best part? The view from their roof-top patio!

To see more about 9 by design you can click here to go to Bravo's site.


  1. I love the show, actually my whole family loves the show. The crazy energy is inspiring and makes me enjoy the relative calmness of my home! Janell

  2. I love it!! I swear this is the story of the life I vicariously live!! I was just about to blog about this too!!

  3. love love the show!!
    Where do you think they got the queen picture from? Anyone know?