Thursday, October 14, 2010

too soon?

Can we talk about holiday decor yet? Or is it too soon? Because it's everywhere! I'm already planning out what I need to get my house together! Here are some of my favorites I've seen so far...

Obsessed with this crystal chandelier ornament from West Elm

Spotted these adorable candles at Pier 1 yesterday. Must get the silver and gold damask! And they're only $6!

This burap tree skirt from Ballard was on last year's list too, but I waited too long and missed out on it... running to order it now.

Also from Ballard, this glitter Eifel Tower! So cute!

Also need to include some paperwhites this year. Love this rustic box they have them in!

Love these burlap stockings from eab designs on etsy!

What have you seen that you must get for this holiday season? Have you started shopping yet?


  1. Ha! I've been asking myself this question, I have a post ready to go on Holiday Decor and was wondering how early is too early?! Then gifts...I don't think you can start too early on those! Janell

  2. I have been thinking about it, I have to admit. I am on the hunt for new decor before it is all picked over or I am too stressed to care!

    I started making a list of what I am considering for gifts, too. Just makes life go so much smoother if you plan!!

    Ooohh...and I LOVE the chandi ornament!!


  3. Today they annpunced on the radio only 71 days til Christmas...definitely not too early, plus you want to decorate after Thanksgiving anyways... so.. you know me, i ADORE anything glittery and sparkly!!! especially against the rusticness (is that a word???) of the burlap. even the brooch attached to the stocking gives it such a glam twist! and the tree skirt under a tree with glittery ornaments... FABULOUS!!!
    I'm sure we will be discussing this much more in detail!!! lol

    did you order the skirt???


  4. Hey there,

    Found your blog through Piney Flats Style. Pretty pictures! That ornament is truly gorgeous. =] And I'm loving the stocking pictured. No, it's not too soon! =]

  5. No it is never too early! I am away at school right now and am not home to be able to enjoy the pre-holiday decor, so I plan to decorate my apartment after Halloween.