Thursday, April 2, 2009

roman shades

Since before we moved into our home I have been looking for the perfect shade for our large kitchen window. After 6 plus months of searching I have decided to make some myself. I want a simple black and white damask pattern to fit in with the soon to be painted kitchen. So after reading a posting on isabellaandmaxrooms I just ordered a kit from Shadescapes and using some fabric I found at Joann. Wish me luck.. I'm going to be taking some pics along the way so I can post again to document the process.

(Picture of the blinds Janelle of Isabella and Max made)


  1. Good evening Future Domestic Goddess!

    Thank you very much for the kind words about Debby and my business! Don't forget, if you need help during the project don't hesitate to email us or call on the 800 number.

    Our best to you and yours,

    Jeffrey Bowman
    Debby's Husband and Company Computer Guy (and Penn State grad)

  2. Hi, I am also a twenty something newlywed. :) I am female and was just on google looking up black and white roman shades to purchase. Looked at the images section and found this picture. Nice kitchen. Omg. 2009? Lol. It is now 2012. Just wanted to say hi. My name is Monique from Canada :)