Wednesday, April 22, 2009

master bath redo...

Ever since we moved into our house in August I've been dying to redo our master bath. I painted it a tan color when we moved in but knew it was more of a temporary fix. Here is a picture of the bathroom when we first moved in. As you can see all the fixtures are brass... which is not at all my style. So in the next few months I'll be working hard to makeover the bathroom and documenting the progress along the way! Stay tuned!

Here is the master bath now... I spray painted the light fixtures bronze and replaced the cabinet knobs. But it's still very standard builder looking.

I was recently watching Design Inc on FLN and saw the creation of this bathroom and knew it was exactly what I wanted to do.

While my bathroom is not nearly as spacious as this one I am going to use the same theme and go for a more sophisticated look. Here is the plan:

- Remove builders mirror and replace with two separate mirrors. (This could be harder than originally planned since I've realized that the mirror is glued to the wall. Hopefully this does not include replacing any drywall that comes down with it.
- Replace knobs, light fixtures and all other bath hardware with brushed satin nickel ones.
- Remove brass shower doors. Rather than replacing them I'm going to use a shower curtain instead. To make the room look even more luxurious I'm going to add an additional curtain at the top of the shower to make it look taller.
- Repaint the walls with "Light Silver Sage" from Restoration Hardware. I knew I wanted a similar color to this and happened to snag a gallon of it at the Restoration Outlet this past weekend for only $17!!
- Replace brass faucets and shower hardware with Brushed Nickel ones.

Below is my inspiration board of all the details I'll be adding.

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  1. here is a temporary fix for your bathroom mirrors:

    or even this: