Friday, February 19, 2010

friday finds: Austin

This week we're heading to the heart of Texas: Austin. It's a city I'm dying to visit! First up is this gorgeous pedestal table. The pedestal itself is adorable!

This vintage hutch is in terrific condition and has amazing details. Of course it has already sold but still nice to look at!

Look at the detail!

I just love this light gray tray table. It would be perfect in my living room! And you can't beat it for only $45!


This set of two end tables and a coffee tables is stunning. Sometimes I do feel bad about painting over the wood details, but it would look adorable painted! Only $125 for the set!



  1. Are these craigslist finds? I always check craigslist or ebay (local furniture search) before I head to new cities. I'm hoping I'm not the only person to do this?!?! lol. I do love a good pedestal table! Also try, I find better deals there than I do on craigslist.