Saturday, February 27, 2010

painted furniture

I'm always looking for inspiring painted furniture for new ideas... I tend to paint everything the same color, (white) so I try to find pictures of some colors I like or different pieces I wouldn't have thought to paint. Here are a few of my favorites...


  1. These images are fantastic! I can't believe painted furniture is becoming so popular. And I wonder what the last chest looked like before it was painted. I do love a good painted piece!

  2. Hi! I know this may sound bold, but if you like painted furniture, I have a blog spot: that I think you may like. I have a business where I redo pieces that I have found @ Thrifty Stores, while dumspter diving, driving around on trash pick up day, you name it, and I turn them into functional pieces of art. Please check out my site, and if you like it, follow me on this journey of revamping furniture! Thanks-Mary