Monday, November 29, 2010

gilt frame

So a few weeks back the Pottery Barn holiday catalog arrived in my mailbox. Of course I loved just about everything in it but this one item really stood out... This gilt frame cardholder.

The $199 price tag wasn't however in my budget. So I decided to make my own. I started out with a basic black frame I got years ago from Ikea. I then applied gold leaf to the whole thing.. After the leaf was dry I sanded it down a bit to give it that distressed look.

I picked up some black picture hanging wire at a local craft store. I cut three pieces for and secured it with little wood screws.

Then for the clips I took some little clips that come with curtain rings. They already have little hooks on them so they're perfect for this project!

Here it is all finished, hanging on the chalkboard wall in my kitchen. I just love the contrast on the black wall. I think I may just keep it up all year!


  1. This is fabulous, I think PB inspires a LOT of creativity when people want the look but don't like the price! Janell

  2. Fantastic! What a great way to hang Christmas cards as well.

  3. Wow I LOVE it seriously love it. I may need to whip one of these up as a gift :+)