Friday, January 15, 2010

friday finds: Charleston

This week we're heading down to Charleston for Friday Finds. One of the reasons Charleston is my favorite city is because of all the antique stores! You can find some great pieces at even better prices at local flea markets and antique stores! Looks like Craigslist is just as good.

This adorable coffee table and end table set needs little work and is only $200. I would of course offer less than that and most likely switch out the knobs on the coffee table with cute glass ones.

This is by far the best deal I came across... For only $160 you get two pedestal end tables, a coffee table and couch! I think I'd pass on the couch but the other pieces are amazing!

This sofa table has great bones and just needs a little sanding down to get the scratches off the top. At only $60 this could be a great piece!

I am always looking for these French Provencial peices so I absolutely love this lingerie chest! I'd of course offer less than the $85 they're asking but it's a good find no matter what!

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