Friday, April 30, 2010

friday finds: Seattle

For this weeks Friday Finds we're heading back to Seattle for a reader who is looking for hutch or sideboard for her dining room.

The first piece I found is a great smaller oak hutch. I think it would look beautiful painted, with new hardware and I would replace the glass with some chicken wire for a more rustic feel. This is a great find for only $100.

This is my favorite type of vintage china hutch. It has that french feel and can be updated to be very Hollywood Glam looking in high gloss black paint, or it could be stipped down and limed for that farmhouse look. Or my favorite painted white and heavily distressed. It would be amazing painted and with a light gray wallpaper in the back. And you can't beat the $95 asking price.

This hutch has much more of a rustic/country feel. It's smaller and in great condition so it would be a easy makeover! The planks in the back would really stand out once painted and give it a great look. Available again for only $100!

If you're feeling up to a challenge this is the sideboard for you. It's a great vintage find, but needs some work. It could be easily be rehinished if you have some patience. It would need to be sanded down, primed and painted but would look fantastic. Some new hardware and it's a whole new piece! And it's a steal at only $50.

This hutch has a very rustic feel. It's a solid piece that could easily have a whole new look! And at $50 I don't think I could pass on this one...

This sideboard is the type I'm always looking for. It's seriously stunning. It could even be used in a nursery as a changing table because of it's low height. It's being sold at a consignment store so you can always offer less than the $150 asking price. But the price is fair for a great find like this one.

Are you looking for a specific piece for your house? Leave a comment or send me an email and I'd be glad to look for your for an upcoming friday finds!


  1. Really great finds! So, I have to keep this in mind...actually, I need a long rustic bench. Up to 6 ft long, 15-18" high and not too wide with no back. What do you think?! :) Janell

  2. YAY! Thank you for the goods! We have the same taste and you'll be happy to know that I totally scored yesterday on CL! I got a FREE antique sideboard - yes, FREE! See pics on my blog, I can't wait to get it painted and show the after pics soon! You rock, thanks again!