Monday, August 2, 2010

the game room

My mom and step dad built an addition on their home a few years back and added another family room which we've come to call "the game room". Although it would be great if it had games, it just has a couch and tv in it. So my mom asked me to help her make the room more useful. Here's what the room looks like currently:

The room needs to have three distinct areas..
  • entertainment space - We have a big family and need a large seating area to watch tv, play games etc.
  • sewing area - my mom has always been a fantastic sewer and recently started quilting, so she needs a space to do all her sewing too.
  • office area - my mom recently took a job as a college professor (congrats mom!) so she needs her own space to grade papers, tests etc.
So here is the plan... We need to get a new coffee table and end tables, a desk, sewing table, slipcover or new couch and an entertainment center. Plus lots of accessories! Here's the inspiration board I've come up with.

Now time to find some furniture....


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  2. That's going to be an awesome game room. It looks very comfy and cozy from the design board you've put together. Your mom is lucky to have a daughter like you who can put something like that together for her.