Tuesday, July 28, 2009

celing fan makeover

So when we first moved into our house everything was brass. Every knob, fixture, hinge and ceiling fan. Now, if you know me, I HATE brass. So gradually over the last 11 months I've been switching out everything! One of my more recent projects was to tackle the ceiling fans. We have three of the same brass fans throughout our home and it didn't really make sense to get rid of perfectly good fans just b/c of the color. So, Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze here we come!

I started by taking down the blades and taking off the brass hardware. Then I taped around the base of the fan w/o taking it down! I cut up some trash bags to tape to the ceiling to protect it while I sprayed. After two coats of the bronze spray paint I put everything back together! Here's the finished product. Amazing difference isn't it. And only for the cost of one can of spray paint! Next up I'm going to do the one in our bedroom in a brushed nickel...