Monday, July 27, 2009


A few weeks ago my dad offered me a wooden rocking chair that belonged to my grandmother. I was beyond excited to have it in my home.... but the first words out of my mouth were "can I paint it"? As you can see, the rocker is that traditional black lacquered with gold painted details and it doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of my decor.

With my dad's permission (lol) I sanded, primed and carefully applied coats of antique white paint. (Free from Glidden!!) A little poly and a few pillows is all it needed to be complete!

I hope one day it finds a home in a nursery, but until then it'll be perfect in our bedroom for Mr O' to sit on while putting on his shoes.... since I always have clothes on the bench that was originally for this purpose. Oh well.


  1. Lovely job on the rocker. The white takes it anywhere. Please stop by and see furniture we liked at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show tour. -- Jane F

  2. Love your "new" rocker. I have one just like it handed down. It's new white coat updates it it so much!

  3. your new rocker looks so good with the white paint. I love having pieces like that - having some history to it.

  4. What a pretty rocker, but it was so dark and dated. I love it in the distressed white.