Monday, July 20, 2009

fall already?

I am absolutely loving the Pottery Barn fall collection. I don't think they've had a collection in a long time with such amazing pieces. The theme of the collection is "Vintage" and the pieces truly are timeless.
This beauty would be perfect in my basement. If they only made it in black... this sounds like a future project!

I love, love, love this coffee table.. if only I needed one!

The details of this side table are so classic! And how about that pineapple.... looks just like the one in my secretary!

This dresser really does look like an antique!

This bedside table would be perfect for my guest room!

The accessories are amazing too.. I love the dark colors for the fall!

I'm a sucker for anything vintage with a horse...


  1. Beautiful furniture and I love the horse art, too! I've saved that photo because I'm thinking about trying my hand at a small version of it (with maybe a bird?). It looks like stained wood that was painted and distressed with the exception of the silhouette - which I think could easily be made with a stencil from an online printout. Hmmm...your post has me thinking now, lol! Adding you to my blogroll and it's so nice to meet you!

  2. Thanks! I'm thinking I would make a smaller version too. I think the original is a little large for my living room. We might have to work on it together ;)