Monday, March 8, 2010

shower sign

After seeing Susie's "shower" sign I knew I just had to make one of my own. Our guest bathroom is really lacking in the decor area and this would be perfect.

I started out by painting a 3ft long piece of wood I had in the garage. It had been painted a flat black for another project so I just painted over it with some left over gray paint.

I then printed out the word "showers" on my computer in a large font and shaded in the back of the letters with a pencil. I taped the letters to the piece of wood and traced the letters to transfer the pencil.

After painting the letters in black paint I took it down to the garage for a good sanding. Once it was good and distressed I used a dark stain to highlight the wood areas and give it an aged look.

Here's the finished sign hanging in the guest bath. The light gray color really compliments the gray walls.


  1. I also love Susie's signs! Your shower one turned out great. I've been wanting to add one to our bathroom...maybe now I will!

  2. That's cool! I don't understand the letters though, you said you painted them white? Was there another step?

  3. How cute and fun! Great idea.